Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hippie, renouncing the worldly ways
where did the Hippie go today?
Der wondervogel
in his search for unknown
He’s a gypsy,  And he likes to roll...

roll away

I thought he brought a revolution
I’m looking for him
but revolution got crushed
before the ground could be lush
and the hippie was just stationed
in front of the television

then I saw a Hippie embracing Tie and Dye
while the money maker embraces Tie and Dies
and the gypsy woman gypsy man
spirituality from another land
something we can’t comprehend
I ask them what they’ll do without the money
And they said honey
love is free
Oh well that free kind of love
is Freaky love for me

All that psychedelic is too heavy for me
I’m not into acid, a basis for it I need
and what the hippie tells me takes the nerves off of me-
cause when he says he’s got a magic mushroom
that will take me to the clouds
Its the oriental mushroom cloud I see

And its not green or white
like the colors you like
On earth was shining a sun
a sun that burned the time to come

So hippie what use is altered consciousness
Is your own conscience too heavy for you?
With that forward engine on,
we could bring the revolution
But do we care for evolution
or the green or the white
or to be bringers of light
well that is something I can’t see

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