Saturday, September 1, 2012

Silly girl

Well the little girl has grown,
And you say she has no grace,
And all through she has known-
What waste of a pretty face!

She says-
"I guess I can't be a lady,
I'll always be a child.
A puppy dog chasing rainbows,
Sketched in azure skies"

She's a grown up and yet,
she wishes deep inside-
that the magic would save her
like her childhood lullaby.

She fears for magic being killed in a glance,
brain over heart unlike romance
of a Victorian novel she last unfurled...
Well, who cares for it in a grown ups' world.

And 'this' world is kind to remind her that-
life's not like the novels she read.
And her sister says she's stuffed her head
full of silly love bees!

Friday, August 31, 2012


In the land of settlement,
Everything settles,
As in long abandoned places,
Golden dust settles,
An overgrown hedge, no longer nettles.

And As the going gows,
He knows-
What there is to know,
And so no more does he try to know.
Stray explorer found a haven,
and he’s an explorer no more.

It is the land of fight,
Clash of might,
of Babylon and of Rome.
How could they find a rest?
When the world had only one home.

Stories of enchantments it holds,
As true as stories ever were told,
Glory becomes gory-
Hoary as the time unfolds.

There came a time,
When all was known.
When all was known,
It was all forgotten,
Cause there was no strife,
Cause what is life?
If its meaning be gotten!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ginger Ale (a song)

It lasts just two days...
It haunts you and keeps you from your ways.
And then it gets too much and it’s over,
And you’re back to being jolly and gay.

She packed me off to school today...
And told me to keep all the guys away.
There was a cute one making eyes at me,
Mama we kids, we just gonna play!

 last a week some an hour to a day,

Chicks they come and go fast I say!
Shame to cry for one hey nay nay,

Life’s a fest so just celebrate.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Joy of Free Falling

I've shared this experience before, with people having dance as a common interest. Sharing it once again here, as its not just about dance, but about Life itself-

The weather was so good this morning, that I felt like dancing and I fell at the first turn :P Not the first time for me! I got a painful bruise; but somehow I feel like laughing everytime I fall, even if it hurts bad. May be it's because falling reminds me of a carefree childhood. While learning to walk for the first time, riding a bicycle, playing, we've all had our fair share of bruises. And we'd proudly show those off to our friends, boasting of surviving some grand accident. Growing up, we encounter falls and risings, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Yes we cried, but next minute forgot it ever happened and never gave up.

But once we learn those elementary things and get used to the world around, slowly, we become cautious as we forget how falling feels-  Be it physical or metaphorical. And since the fear of a thing comes from not knowing it, we become more and more scared of it, and stop trying new things or taking risks in our lives.Worse, we learn to crib and complain if we get bruises.

And slowly life becomes mundane. To fill that void we start filling it with stuff money could buy but don't really need and so we become materialistic. Spend our time shopping, watching movies or going to some fancy dining place.

Our society, our culture expects us to be graceful as a grown up. So no more climbing trees, or dancing in the streets, or shouting at the top of our lungs, or skipping the steps on the stairs and no more the joys of free falling. To experience these, we need to make special provisions and plan an adventure trip/outing, but it can't be at the spur of the moment. Whenever and wherever we want. We learn to practice restraint, be responsible, disciplined.

But do we really want to be a conformist to these norms or live our limited time on our own terms?

What would you choose, would you let go of those innocent impulses or would you choose to Let GO, and experience that Free Fall?

The Industrial Revolution

'Cause existence must have a proof
So we produce and reproduce

Our love must have a face
So even with no space
And no meaning to keep
Production must still increase

Philosophers lament this age
Who? Are they still part of human race?

One day and we already are
Being suffocated at this hour
Our love must have a proof
So I must reproduce a 'you'
I am a real misery
So we must reproduce a ‘me’

Supervisor says he wants result
Disguised religion follows only one cult-
Where living are muted and undead shriek
Real WMD was already used and sheathed,
Spirit died, the conflict ceased

Cannibalism ended with WW2
Now was time capitalism seduced
It chants- Produce and reproduce
so we produce and reproduce

Meeting of Poles

Meeting of Poles

lava river flowing
like a serpent slowly going
for the kill
down the hill

molten red bellowing on the rock
when does it stop
When red meets blue
Explosive hues
 You get to see

Ashes of snow
Over lava river they grow
Still while it goes
A stray root dares for living O

This serpent’s a deception
It’d change direction
Without telling
And you’ll never know
Where it goes

Burying all along the way
A child’s toy
A maiden’s joy
A home
It’s all gone

Ashes of snow
Over living surfaces grow
Still while it goes
A stray root dares for livin' O

And when Lava River hits the ocean
that commotion
red meets blue
mist clouds view
(So nobody knows
What took place
All hushed up
Shrouded in grace)